Staying Hydrated

Are you getting enough water throughout the day? I know I say this constantly, but life gets hectic. When we are busy with work and school and trying to find time for ourselves we can forget about our most basic needs for homeostasis. Water is the most fundamental of our needs. In fact a person … Continue reading Staying Hydrated

Lunch time!

Eating out or ordering in everyday for lunch can be hard on your waistline, and your pocketbook. So what are some healthier options. That won’t put a dent in your budget? Pack a Lunch! Step 1. Find a Lunch container that you love, and won’t be embarrassed to carry to work. Superman might have been … Continue reading Lunch time!

On your Feet!

My last post was about office exercise. While researching desk activities, I came across a new innovation, that is gaining popularity. The Standing desk! Standing innovation is an american made product that allows you to turn any desk top into a standing desk, allowing for the monotony of the work day to be broken up … Continue reading On your Feet!

Good Morning Gorgeous!

Its Finally Friday! This has been a hectic week, it always is right before a holiday. Clients want a fresh color before any major event but either forget to schedule or wait until the last minute to book. That means my phone is ringing off the hook, and I end up working on good friday … Continue reading Good Morning Gorgeous!